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ReVIERA3 with Professional Mist Gun

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ReVIERA3 High-concentration carbonated spring

With Reviera cube, high-concentration carbonated spring approaches from the inside and outside of the body with a sophisticated form that easily blends into the whole body care bathroom at home. The best self-care that you can immediately feel just by taking a bath. Turn your usual bath time into an exciting home resort.

Proffesional Mist Gun (Monthly rental fee $10)

ReVIERA3 PRofessional Mist Gun is an airbrush used by esthetic professionals. Carbonic acid mist penetrates into the stratum corneum of the skin at the nanomolecular level. Negative ions of carbon dioxide and positive ions of the skin attract and penetrate deep into the skin and into the stratum corneum. From now on, full-fledged luxury care that cannot be done with ordinary care at home.

Bordeaux, White, Light Green, Blue, Rose, Gerbera, Polka Dot, Zebla, Hibiscus, Animal FootprintsItalian Red, Pink, Yellow, Leather Black, Dark Wood, Wood, Leopard, Marine, Denim, Lovely