This Year, Pollen Are More Prevalent Than Usual! Take Proactive Measures With Carbonated Spring Water

This Year, Pollen Are More Prevalent Than Usual! Take Proactive Measures With Carbonated Spring Water

Pollen dispersal starts as early as February. This year, the pollen levels match or exceed those of past years. Pollen can cause itchy eyes, sneezing, a sore throat, coughing, and skin irritation. Early intervention is crucial to alleviate pollen allergy symptoms as much as possible!

What Leads To Pollen Allergy Symptoms? Hypothermia Could Be A Factor

Initially, pollen symptoms stem from allergic responses. Allergic reactions have various triggers, including hypothermia, where the body temperature averages around 95°F(35°C). In adults, the average body temperature is approximately 96.8°F(36°C), and even a slight decrease of 33.8°F(1°C) below this norm can decrease immunity by roughly 30%. A compromised immune system is more susceptible to allergic reactions, making hay fever symptoms more likely to manifest, even in individuals without a history of such symptoms. While hypothermia doesn't directly cause allergic reactions, it does heighten the likelihood of hay fever symptoms.


Carbonated Spring Water Contains Numerous Essential Elements For Alleviating Hay Fever Symptoms

What's necessary for boosting immunity?

- Maintaining a regular lifestyle,

- Ensuring adequate sleep,

- Managing stress levels,

- And consuming a well-balanced diet, etc.

While there are various ways to enhance immunity, it's often overlooked that bathing can also bolster the immune system. Carbonated spring baths not only address hypothermia but can also improve sleep quality and reduce stress. While hypothermia may temporarily elevate body temperature, sustaining that temperature is challenging. Daily efforts to enhance blood circulation are crucial for maintaining stable body temperature. Carbonated spring baths are highly effective at enhancing blood circulation, increasing it by 3 to 4 times the normal rate. Enhanced blood flow not only maintains body warmth but also promotes a sense of warmth.

Additionally, bathing in a carbonated spring balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, aiding in stress relief by inducing a relaxed state. Therefore, simply indulging in a carbonated spring bath can serve as an initial remedy for hay fever and is anticipated to alleviate hay fever symptoms.


It's Not Just About Hay Fever Relief! Carbonated Spring Water Also Works Against Skin Dryness Triggered by Pollen

Carbonated spring baths enhance blood circulation and immunity, revitalizing cells and boosting metabolism. Many individuals endure hay fever symptoms like coughing, runny noses, alongside skin irritation and bloodshot eyes. Skin roughness due to pollen and the irritation of the eyes and nose's mucous membranes can be expedited in healing and alleviated earlier by normalizing turnover with carbonated spring. Additionally, the minuscule pollen particles are particularly bothersome as they easily stick to hair and penetrate skin pores. Carbonated spring water contains numerous fine particles that effectively cleanse pollen from both hair and pores. Carbonated spring baths are anticipated to be beneficial for initial pollen management and subsequent care. Last but not least, why not give carbonated spring a try this pollen season?