"Drawn by its novelty, I also tried the carbonated spring."

"Drawn by its novelty, I also tried the carbonated spring."

I decided to give the carbonated spring a try after a friend used it、and was attracted by the novelty of it.

After I started using the carbonated spring, I noticed a remarkable change in the roughness of my upper arms and the condition of my heel, which significantly improved. 

Furthermore, my children and I were pleasantly surprised as our hair became incredibly silky and garnered compliments from those around us.

Not only that, when I tried the carbonated spring on my dog, A persistent odor that had been bothering him completely vanished. 

Even though I had last bathed him two weeks ago, it's astonishing that he still doesn't have any odor! Now that my whole family loves the carbonated spring and we now enjoy spending more time in the tub.

Despite the initial effort required for gas refilling, I can confidently say that the results are absolutely worth it. I am very pleased with the results, surpassing the positive reviews I had initially heard from my friends.


 Mrs.M.H./State: California