"I am truly filled with gratitude."

"I am truly filled with gratitude."

My husband suffered from severe atopic dermatitis and after rough treatment with hot showers and antiseptic gel, we decided to try the carbonated spring on the recommendation of our family doctor. 

Although it took some effort to locate a CO2 tank refilling store, the daily use of the carbonated spring turned out to be incredibly convenient. Also, thanks to the clear instructions provided by the helpful staff, I was able to use the products and services with peace of mind.

After using the carbonated spring, the itching mysteriously eased, my husband scratch less often, and he no longer wake up in the middle of the night with itching.

In addition, my daughter also felt a pleasant change in the way the blackheads on her elbows and knees were cleaned up.

I am truly filled with gratitude. I would like other people who suffer from skin problems such as atopic dermatitis to try this product.


Mrs.N.T./State: California